Onewheel+ (8-10 km range) or onewheel+XR (19-29 km range)


ONEWHEEL+ XR $2600.00 Cdn Plus Tax


The Onewheel+ XR is gives you approximately 3 times the range of the Onewheel+.  The XR is short for Extended Range because with this model you can go an average of 12-18 miles. That's a range of 18-28.8 kms.  

Onewheel+ $1799.00 Cdn. + tax


If you don't want to spend the extra money for the XR and you are ok with the 8-10km range of the Onewheel Plus you will be happy to hear that it charges from zero to full in only 30 minutes.

The Pint $1500 plus tax


All the fun and versatility of the Onewheel Plus, but smaller, lighter and more refined.  Stick the landing. Pint features Simplestop dismount technology,  enabling new riders to learn to ride quickly and feel confident. 

Wrist Guards $29.00 + tax


We have small, medium and large wrist guards in stock. When you fall, your first instinct is to put your hands down. So  you should definitely protect your hands and wrists!

fenders $119.oo + tax


Not only will this fender help prevent you from touching the wheel, but it also keeps the rocks from flying into your shoes. Plus as an added bonus it'll help keep the puddles from soaking your legs.

wave stand $129.00 + tax


Rest your Onewheel in this classy looking and very functiional wave stand!

plastic car stand $99.00


Keep your Onewheel from rolling around in your car while you drive, by laying it into this fuctional stand!

XR CAr charger $129.00 + tax



Introducing the Onewheel car charger, a game changer for long  adventures. Just plug it in and juice up your board while you drive. For your  Onewheel+ XR. 

NOT compatible with Onewheel+ and Onewheel Original. 10A cigarette lighter outlet required. Approx charge time: 3hrs

plus car charger $129.00+ tax



Introducing the Onewheel car charger, a game changer for long  adventures. Just plug it in and juice up your board while you drive. Compatible with Onewheel Original and Onewheel+.

NOT compatible with Onewheel+ XR

10A cigarette lighter outlet required. Approx charge time: 75min.

XR home charger $159.00 + tax



Getting low on juice? Charge your board up with the XR Home  Charger! Keep life stress free with one at home and one in the office. Included with Onewheel+ XR. Not compatible with Onewheel+ or Onewheel Original

Plus home charger $159 + tax



Getting low on juice? Charge your board up in 20 -30 minutes with the  Ultra-Charger! Grab a coffee - by the time you're finished, your board  is ready to go! Keep life stress free with one at home and one in the  office. Included with Onewheel+ and Onewheel original. Not compatible with Onewheel+ XR


onewheel "o" t-shirt $39.00+tax



If you've dreamt of low-tide beach riding, snuck onto golf  courses in the dead of night, renovated your backyard to include a berm,  or flat-out refused to walk anywhere - it's probably time you get  fitted with a slick Onewheel T. Rep it!

These are printed on high quality American Apparel shirts and  fit runs smaller than typical T-shirts 

"o" beanie $29.00 + tax



Careful with this beanie folks! Once it's on, it's never coming off.

This Carhart creation is quite possibly the warmest beanie ever  created. 

trucker hat $29.00 + tax



The Onewheel Trucker Hat is now available. This one has been kept in the vault for employees and family only up  until now. It's been an instant classic since day 1, pick one up for  yourself or a friend while supplies last.

crew socks $29.00 + tax



Behind every great Onewheeler is a great pair of socks. Look no further, we've got you covered. These comfy, compression fit, feet huggers are ideal for long trail  rides and lazy couch days alike. Pick up a 3-pack for yourself or win  MVP honors and grab them for the Onewheel fan in your life. 

Onewheel x Mafia Slingpack $299.00 + tax



Introducing the bag worthy of your Onewheel. We've teamed up with the senseis from MAFIA bags  to create the ultimate Onewheel slingpack. This thing does not suck. It  carries your wheel, it keeps your buddha from getting muddy. More  importantly it shows that you care for your Onewheel, your world and  your fellow travelers. Marcos Mafia founded MAFIA to build some of the world's finest  carrying contraptions. Marcos is a waterman with a love of surfing,  solid gear and a reverence for the environment. These shared values made  a bag collaboration a no-brainer.

Designed and made in MAFIA's San Francisco design studio, the  slingpack is sewn from re-used sails, the handles are made of up-cycled  wetsuit neoprene and everything is hand sewn with love. Each bag is  hand-crafted by hipsters and color details are subject to change based  on sails available. An amazingly durable, functional and beautiful bag.

helmet $119.00 + tax


We can't say it enough. Protect your melon ! This is one of the most important accessories to own if you are a onewheeler. Available in SM, M, L and XL these helmets also have a tightening knob at the rear for perfect sizing and comfort.