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Having a padded room will make learning easier

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Take a lesson or get a demo in our special padded room

We realize the Onewheel can be intimidating, so we've created a padded room here on site so you can feel safe giving it a try. We've installed 5/8" thick rubber flooring as well as 2" thick crash pads along the walls. The Onewheel itself will be set to "SEQUOA" mode which is great for learning.

Here we can show you how to turn your Onewheel on and off, how to go forwards, and backwards, how to start and stop etc. We want you to learn the basics before you take it outside.

Once you've experienced the demo / test ride, we would love for you to rent a onewheel and take it out to play safely. You will be able to explore the 6 different riding modes and see how the board behaves differently for each.

If you are interested in taking more time to practice your skills in the padded room we can help you with some fun drills. With these drills you can learn to master tight turns (left and right), switching from forwards to reverse, carving, S turns, curb bumping as well as doing 90 and 180 degree pivots. With practice your balance will improve, along with your feet, ankle, leg and core strength. You will learn to stop on the Onewheel and just stand there balancing.

Sign up for a few lessons through the Winter and by Spring you will be ready to have some great fun outside. 

Once outside, you will experience the thrill of transitioning from different terrain. Going from gravel, to grass, rolling down grassy hills and carving up the cement and asphalt. Swooping up and down slopes and burms, hopping curbs and popping over and around objects.

Feel the thrills and gain the skills with winter lessons !

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